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Sian Davies Minnie Gnasher and Scraggly

www.siandavies.co.uk Sian's Cats


Hello Everyone

My Name's Minnie

This is my naughty  brother Gnasher. As you can see it's Gnasher that's been doing most of the work on this page. 

We live in Derby with our owner Sian. She's helped us to put this page together. There are lots of photos and we've invited our friends to visit and make their own pages too.

Scraggly cat's not too keen on computers so he leaves it all to Gnash!

You can contact us on the following addresses, we'd really like to hear from you!




This is Scraggly who was scraggly when he came to live with Sian first. He isn't any more and he loves being brushed!

This page was last updated on 10/03/07.


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